Charles Matton — Enclosures

I love studio’s, ateliers, factories, places where things are being made, crafted and created. Like Todd Selby showed us the homes-, and Paul Barbera the workshops of the creative class in photography, so did Charles Matton in miniature versions of famous artists’ studios, including Freud’s, Giacometti’s and Bacon’s, giving us a close look behind the scenes of these masters. Along with these the miniature spaces represent real world interiors and revisited memories from Matton’s own life.

The artist also fabricated interiors from his imagination, intended to recreate cherished sensations, such as the loneliness felt in an abandoned hotel corridor or the intimacy of a forgotten and disused library. All made from cast and carved resin, wood, paper, plaster and glass, meticulously accurate and about 1/7th of their original size. A must visit when you’re around in London!

Charles Matton — Enclosures at All Visual Arts, 2 Omega Place, London, UK from the 9th of September till the 7th of October 2011.