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The Ride Journal 6

Of all the magazines we see there are always a few worth some extra attention. The Ride Journal is one of them. With their sixth issue counting nearly 200 pages it is getting some serious dimensions and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.  Philip Diprose,… [ Continue reading ]

The bike

When I started road cycling a few years back I bought a simple bike, just to see if this was the thing I wanted to do. After the first km's it felt like I was built for it! When I met Elian, a dutch craftsman building some amazing bicycles, a year ago, I instantly wanted a bike from him as my 'official' road bike. We did a little tour together with The Village from Utrecht to Antwerp and back, supported by Rapha, joint by Ajanaku a.o. and I got infected with the custom bicycle virus... We sat down, talked about steel frames, details, colors, old vs new techniques and we drew the first outlines of my new bike. More then 6 months later it is here, and it was so much worth the wait! [ Continue reading ]


Days away from riding my new custom build bike by Elian Cycles (later more on that) I found these images shot for the first issue of Curves Magazine. The magazine is dedicated to Route des Grandes Alpes. A route through the Alps to the Mediterranean, crossing 16 high… [ Continue reading ]

Cyclepedia for the iPad

The book was already amazing, but with the iPad app they’ve gone next level. Cyclepedia, Michael Embacher’s book on the most extraordinary and rare bicycles is now interactive. With 360º spins of every bike, video features, original brochures, contemporary advertising, engineering drawings, rare illustrations and the ability to… [ Continue reading ]

The Triple Crown

A really nice story from our friends at Rapha again. The Triple Crown is loosely defined as the summiting of Vancouver’s Seymour, Grouse and Cypress mountains in one effort. There’s no rule regarding in what order the climbs must be done, only that they have to… [ Continue reading ]

Winter cycling

While waiting for my new bike being build by Elian, making plans for La Marmotte and first rides on my new bike on the Vesuvius this november, Rapha comes in at the right moment again. A whole new range of autumn and winter ware featuring exciting… [ Continue reading ]

Mopha Tool Roll

Maybe it’s not for the lightweight junks on a carbon frame, but I really like this bike tool roll! Made of waxed canvas with leather trim and a leather toe strap to cinch the roll under your seat or drop into a bottle cage, this tool roll carry… [ Continue reading ]

The Victorian Alps

Another very inspirational movie from Rapha. Malcolm Powell, an Australian Cycling Historian and former racer narrates this beautiful film that comes from our friends down under. Take a look at the film and the fantastic marriage of history and the present day beauty of… [ Continue reading ]


Rapha not only provide us with the best performance roadwear and stories from the hills, they are now inspiring us to celebrate our activity on the pedals with some bona fide cocktails. Enjoy (responsibly…)… [ Continue reading ]


Finally, my bike is fixed. Not fixed as in single speed, but the derailleur is on the right place, not between the spokes. The chain is straight instead of a weird kind of twisted like a washed denim and it looks like I can hit the road again. Time to… [ Continue reading ]


London based graphic designer Peter Richardson released his first bicycle under the name Wren Bicycles. A really nice combination of classic styling with contemporary features, uncomplicated lines of the handcrafted steel frame with small wheels and the quintessentially British colour options – Ivory White or Oxford Blue. [ Continue reading ]

Rapha Continental

The Rapha Continental – Amgen Tour of California 2011 movies and pictures just went online. It’s so spot on, to see the joy of cycling, the energy, the love for the road, for the hills, for the unknown while challenging yourself! I’m really looking forward for… [ Continue reading ]

Pavé Culture Cycliste

This is the proof that a bicycle shop doesn’t need to be a shady, dusty, smudgy place. Pavé Culture Cycliste is an amazing space in Barcelona. A bicycle shop that looks like a gallery, selling all my favorite brands like Rapha, Brompton,… [ Continue reading ]

Cycling Blank Canvas

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To celebrate the link between sport and subculture Fred Perry launched four pieces, inspired on the classic 60’s cycling shirt. Four authentic retro-cycling shirts with some neat styling details, fit and colour combinations. The Fred Perry Shirts are available in their Laurel Wreath shops alongside… [ Continue reading ]

Charity Ride

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Rapha is organizing a series of world wide charity rides in order to help the victims of the worst disaster in Japan since World War 2. Japan will lead the way in at least four different locations with a printed black ribbon on their sleeves. Rides… [ Continue reading ]

Antwerp to Utrecht

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We’re back! After a bike ride of more than 250 km, from Utrecht to Antwerp and back, we all arrived safe at The Village coffee & music. I wanted to thank everybody for supporting us along the way! On first hand Rapha for the… [ Continue reading ]

Utrecht to Antwerp

On this early day in spring, with the first beams of sunlight on our face, we started of in Utrecht (the Netherlands) with a group of 10 friends. Bike builders, barista’s, bloggers and likes, on hand made bicycles from Elian Cycles. Now… [ Continue reading ]


The weather is getting better here in the lowlands, but it’s still cold, too cold. And since Rapha will open a temporary Cycle Club in Mallorca I’d really love to escape for a moment and get my bike to the sunny island of Mallorca. Located in… [ Continue reading ]

Utrecht Antwerp Utrecht

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On Saturday, March 12th, we will hit the road with eight friends to make a journey from Utrecht to Antwerp on the handmade bikes from Elian, to return the next day with fresh roasted coffee beans for the new espresso bar, The Village Coffee… [ Continue reading ]

Tokyo to Osaka

While preparing our bicycle trip from Utrecht to Antwerp and back later this month, I stumbled upon this nice documentary. 13 cyclists from Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco took their fixies to make a ride from Tokyo to Osaka. Maybe after our ride Utrecht – Antwerp… [ Continue reading ]