BOS Ice Tea

We really like South African BOS, employing potent African mythology and rich symbolism to articulate its message and brand of premium ice teas. The BOS brand; its packaging, which feature these familiar traditional African emblems like the lion, sirius and the celestial wolf; and the original range of ice teas (which has been extended by now) were conceived by its founder Grant Rushmere. In 2009, Rooibos farmer and entrepreneur Richard Bowsher joined Grant as a co-founder of the business. Together they established the business and launched BOS unto the South African market in June 2010, with the brand spreading worldwide since. And although a very significant growth over the last few years the company still has its core goals close to its heart: to become a globally successful brand and beverages business; which is ethically managed (from farm to table), and is inspiring to its customers, employees and business partners.

We are proud to have developed and launched an authentic, joyful, healthy African brand – and a range of premium quality products which add value to African raw materials in Africa and create jobs for its inhabitants.

Rooibos is the primary ingredient of all BOS ice tea. Originally discovered by the San people (Bushmen), it’s indigenous to the Cape and grown exclusively in and around the greater Cederberg region. Here, at the vanguard of organic and ethical farming, is the Klipopmekaar Rooibos Tea Farm and Private Nature Reserve.

Situated high up in the pristine heart of the Cederberg mountain range, Klipopmekaar has been producing top quality organic Rooibos since 1990. Klipopmekaar is committed to producing Rooibos ethically, naturally and in an environmentally sustainable and socially mindful manner. The owners and management of Klipopmekaar recognise that the welfare of their workforce, and the biodiversity and preservation of their incredibly beautiful farm and nature reserve, is at the heart of their success and their customers’ experience.

Only 10% of Klipopmekaar is farmed. The other 90% is pristine mountain wilderness at the heart of one of the most beautiful, species rich and bio-diverse regions in the world. Leopard, duiker, klipspringers, aardvark, aardwolf, black eagles, tortoises, snakes, spiders, scorpions, and hundreds of species of flora and fauna live here in peace and harmony.

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