Next week a new European fashion label called Bonhomie will have its official launch. Based in Helsinki, Finland, Bonhomie offers premium shirts and other basics of European manufacture, which are solely sold online direct to the costumers, allowing the price to be half of the usual retail price of products with a similar quality. The debut selection of essentials Bonhomie presents are: a pristine white point collar dress shirt, an indigo button down denim oxford shirt and a basic white undershirt.

All of the fabrics used by Bonhomie come from fabric mills in Europe, all renowned manufacturers that are known for working with luxury brands, and experienced in cutting and sewing fine shirts at the high standard demanded by those labels. Every item is marked with fabric type and origin, which tells a story of its own. Bonhomie wants the quality of the fabrics their cloths are made of to clearly speak for itself, instead of luxury as part of the story created around the label.

The first three essentials Bonhomie presents are very promising. Made out of fine 140’s two ply twill, produced by Tessitura Monti we particularly like the minimal white dress shirt, with hidden buttons. The Tessitura Monti company creates one of the softest and finest double twisted fabric with high thread counts, promising the quality to be of the highest standard matching the fine design of the shirt. The denim button down oxford shirt is made out of a two-fold indigo oxford fabric. A special enzyme finish gives life to the fabric and protects the indigo color from fading. Finally the white undershirt is made out of the so called Coolmax Extreme fabric, which is lightweight and very breathable, making the shirt perfect for sports.

We are impressed by the promising start of Bonhomie and look forward what other European made essentials will be introduced in the future!

Visit the Bonhomie online store here.