Big ideas

Last week we received a lovely package with some small notebooks, pens and pencils from Calepino. We love stationary, but are are always very picky which one to use. Years back we started with Moleskine, then moved a level up with Rhodia (also made in France) and we’re now very attached to the Midori notebooks. But we can’t leave these small books un-noted. In their nice boxes, with rounded corners, robust cover and practical dimensions, they’re simply beautiful. ‘The Calepino pocket book was designed to be carried anywhere.

Stored in a pocket or at the bottom of a bag, it’s the ultimate accessory for jotting down unexpected ideas, for writing down your new big ideas: shopping lists, sketches and revolutionary inventions, travel log, memories from trips, books you have read, or have yet to read, layouts of prospective houses, seeds for the garden, phone numbers, journals, dreams, secret codes, testament, song lyrics, delicious recipes, menus and the weather forecast. The books come in three flavors: Ruled, Graph and Plain, and the whole set is definitely the perfect gift idea.

All 100% recycled and made in France.