Azami Optiek

Since the beginning of this year we have been working on some new, very exciting projects, among which is a little trip into the world of optics. A discipline far too complex to enter without proper experience, therefore we’ve combined forces with our good friend Bijan Azami, who has 33 years of experience under his belt. The last 12 years of this period he has been running Azami Optiek in the Dutch city of The Hague. In this period Bijan and his team at Azami have been passionate about finding those glasses that perfectly reflect the personality of the person wearing it. Every frame sold at Azami Optiek is custom made or selected to accentuate the contours of one’s face to perfection with designs that powerfully express inner and outer beauty, through the immaculate combination of craftsmanship and fashion.

Eyes are the mirror of the soul. Your looks show who you really are.

In the proces of putting together his collection, Bijan always looks for timeless beauty and pure quality. One will not find brands that follow the latest craze. Instead, Azami offers a broad selection of European, American and Japanese eyewear designed with passion and attention to detail. With a wide range of choices in materials, shapes, colours, styles and prices, from special brands and exclusive materials to their own collection, and custom designs. With as key elements; quality and design, service, comfort and exclusivity, each unique client is offered the right eyewear.

The incredible collection carried at Azami Optiek consists of some of the best names in optics from Garret Leight, which combines authentic craftsmanship and timeless aesthetics perfectly; to world famous Cutler & Cross, known for its functional and iconic designs; French brand Francis Klein, which has artists make specific decorations that you can add to the frame to your liking, so that a unique and daring design comes into being that fits your own personality like a glove. Other names are Anne & Valentin, the irresistible frames by Sven Götti, Harry Lary’s, Michel Henau, retro-chic Face à Face and a tremendous selection of glasses from both optic innovator Mykita‘s own collections and collaborations with other designers. Lastly Azami also carries something from the motherland, the little Dutch brand named Suzy Glam.

Another beautiful selection of frames Azami offers is what has been named Retrospecs. Over the past twenty years the founders of Retrospecs collected unused frames from the period between 1920 and 1960. Newly categorized and completely re-finished, these vintage frames are like new and can be acquired at Azami for those looking for frames with a history.

Find the beautiful store of Bijan at Noordeinde 29 in The Hague. Opened Tuesday –  Friday 9:30 until 18:00, Thursday evening until 21:00, Saturday 09:30 until 17:00 and the first Sunday of the month 12:00 until 17:00.

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