Another Gin & Tonic

After last night’s incredible very first edition of the two weekly 5-course ‘Forthnight Dinners’ by our dear friends of The Village, which we will elaborate on in the near future, we decided tot end this weekend in style. What better day than this first real crispy winterday to take out the vintage casino glasses acquired at the extraordinary vintage market of Lisbon during a visit in 2013 and create our favorite mix around; Gin & Tonics out of one of the finest gins available; Amsterdam’s own V2C. Spiced up with some gunpowder, in this case dried bay leaf, cardamom and some dried juniper berries. There is no better way to end this wonderful weekend.

The four founders of V2c first met each other during their studies in Maastricht, all living together at the Victor de Stuersstraat 2c. A place they enjoyed dearly in every sense of the word, a place where they were introduced in the rich world of hospitality, good food and drink and most importantly the initial seed out of which eventually their shared endeavors V2C grew, as an hommage to the street where they met and became who they are today.

V2C gin is the culmination of all good things; quality, craftsmanship, the bounty of Mother Nature and a distinguished palate.

V2C is blended in the Amsterdam region, and made from the purest ingredients harvested from all around the world. The classical gin ingredients; juniper, angelica, orange, licorice, laurel and St John’s Wort, are subtly spiced with coriander, cardamom, lemon and ginger to offer a sophisticated body, and turn this true country gent into a rich and lovable rogue. With no additives, extracts or filtering processes whatsoever, V2C creates small-batch dry Dutch gin which can compete with some of the finest around.

For more information on V2C see here