Another -big- Update

I think the first time we’ve mentioned a big redesign of Another Something & Co was more than a year ago. Another Something & Co is still a side project. So while we were busy working on the Blue Jeans exhibition, a new Tenue de Nîmes store, the KLM inflight sales programme, the identity for Skins Cosmetics and much, much more, we collected some lost hours and worked on this big restyle.
The new site is build by my good friend Wilco of Drost & Co. It is the ultimate fusion between the blog, our social network, and the work we do with the company.

On the left you’ll see our daily inspiration, fed by Tumblr. This main column is reserved for everything we love. From our travel stories, favourite music, special art projects or amazing products, we’ll all feature it here. These are the ‘Notes on the Beauty of Culture’.
The Company part, the ‘Creative Direction in Elegant Creativity’ is our commercial work. With Another Something & Company we work on the creative direction, art direction and graphic design for the brands and companies we love. We create brands, products and spaces in the world of retail, art and fashion, on a strategic and creative level. In this section you’ll enjoy a small selection of projects we’ve worked on, and some of them still in progress.

We will add more functionalities over the coming months, and get rid of the bugs that will always pop up after launching something new. Please help us making it better by sharing your thoughts and ideas on facebook or twitter. Meanwhile subscribe to our not so frequent newsletter to stay updated.

We hope you’ll enjoy the new Another Something & Co.
Thank you,
Joachim Baan