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AMMA Studio

AMMA Studio is the label of New York City-based design duo Samuel Amoia and Fernando Mastrangelo, which they founded only last year. Introducing materials never before seen in furniture design like rock salt, sand, coffee, silica, pink and gray Himalayan salts, AMMA’s creations are at once geometric and organic, rough and smooth, earthy and elegant. More than utilitarian, AMMA tables, stools, benches and consoles are enduring objects that merge sculpture and design. Based on the East Coast, AMMA Studio emerged from a unique blend of sensibilities. Interior designer Samuel Amoia contributes a vision for design, color, texture and furniture, developed through his own commissions and experience working alongside the celebrated Stephen Sills. Sculptor Fernando Mastrangelo brings a conceptual use of materials and an original casting process, the result of years of artistic practice. Together, they have developed a visual language inspired by nature and geometry. We are blown away by the raw aesthetic their experiments with material have resulted in, making their creations some of the most interesting designs we've discovered recently. [ Continue reading ]

Holland’s Finest

We are very grateful for everyone who had a share within the very first Our Current Obsession as without them we couldn't have realized it. Having introduced the main collaborator GERTRUD & GEORGE, some of the artists involved (with more to come), and ,The World of Black' in our space has been extended long and wide onto the online Our Current Obsessions environment, now it is time to give a proper insight into the other partners with which we’ve created the core of the extraordinary black selection of products for sale in our space on the Schippersgracht in Amsterdam. As these stores offer only the finest in their particular specialty we’ve named them Holland’s Finest, to which we owe a sincere debt of gratitude and feel honored to have collaborated with. [ Continue reading ]


Chamber is an exciting new boutique of limited edition design, objects and art, which opens today in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. The space’s unique concept and retail experience is the vision of Argentinian-born Founder Juan Garcia Mosqueda. Critically acclaimed architectural practice MOS has designed the interior of the space. Taking the Renaissance-era Cabinet of Curiosities as its inspiration, Chamber will be a twenty-first century reliquary for unusual objects and a platform for design experimentation. Every two years, Garcia Mosqueda will choose a different designer or creative to curate the shop’s entire program, bringing their unique viewpoint to Chamber through specially commissioned works, and rare and vintage items. For the inaugural curatorial period, he has selected designers Studio Job, who are working closely with a dynamic group of established and emerging designers and artists to create Chamber Collection #1. [ Continue reading ]