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Russian Criminal Tattoos

The three books, the Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia I, II and III published by Fuel, are one of our favorites. The books, filled with the crazy, absurd and often very violent tattoo drawings by Danzig Baldaev are going into an exhibition now. Between 1948-1986, during his career as a prison guard,… [ Continue reading ]

Treasures Nº13

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The new Blend Magazine just hit the doormat with our new Treasures, featuring: 1. SAV, A Swedish sparkling wine based on birch sap. 2. Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia Volume I. 3. Two vintage Barclays Bank deposit wallets. 4. My Dear Bomb by… [ Continue reading ]

On Another Shelf #2

1. Yauatcha Tea 2. Andre Clouet Rose 3. Antique print of the Solar System (1889) 4. Vintage Midland Bank Limited paper money bag 5. Vintage Kaweco Sports set for the Olympics of 1972 in Munich 6. Russian… [ Continue reading ]