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The Uniform Cool of Charlie Watts

With his Savile Row suits, custom shirts and jazzman’s assurance, the Rolling Stones drummer staged his own quiet rebellion.

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W. David Marx — The Culture of Fashion in Japan

W. David Marx and I talk about his book Ametora, Japanese culture, and books in translation.

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Lab Sunglasses

The world’s first CO2Made® lenses Who would think you could turn carbon dioxide into eyewear? Carbon transformation technology meets cutting-edge design to develop our first PANGAIA LAB innovation —CO2Made® polycarbonate lenses made partially from CO₂. These carbon lenses are rimless in design, set……

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Modem is an office for design and innovation. Working as a hybrid between a think tank and design studio, we design for resilience.

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Bernard Arnault – ‘Paris is booming’

With the Cheval Blanc hotel, the LVMH chairman and CEO is cementing his influence in the French capital – and his confidence in its renewal…

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Martin Margiela Is Back

The influential designer walked away from fashion in 2009, but he didn’t stop creating. Here’s a first look at his new career.

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What Fashion Can Learn from Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s L’Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped

Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s L’Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped, reminds fashion and its consumers that leaving something to the imagination is a potent act.

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Solange’s Saint Heron Unveils Free Library of Rare Books and Art by Black Creators

Solange’s Saint Heron studio and platform has announced the launch of its free library of “esteemed and valuable” books by Black creators for research, study and exploration. Each reader will be in……

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Zodiac: Paul Avery’s Layered Corduroy and Denim » BAMF Style

As the Zodiac case takes a more personal toll, Avery’s wardrobe grows more chaotic like this gray corded jacket layered over cutoff fatigues and denim.

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Official Works Ball A mixed-use indoor/outdoor ball, using the best synthetic leather I've played with outdoors. Quality tested and proven to deliver superior handling (assuming you have the sauce). An homage to former Knick and the god Metta World Peace (FKA Ron Artest).

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Empirical Spirits

Fuck Trump and his Stupid Fucking Wall Blend

As big fans of Noma, we’re interested in everything connected to them. So when we found out about Empirical Spirits it didn’t took long before the first bottles arrived in Amsterdam.
Empirical Spirits is a flavor company founded in 2017 by Restaurant noma alumni Lars Williams and Mark Emil Hermansen. [ Continue reading ]

With Regard To


As we’re working on a new design and an updated idea behind Another Something we’ll start sharing on a more regular base again. To kick off with a ’people-inspired jewellery’ brand that contacted us via and got our attention with their unconventional way of building a brand.
UU/R/T, referring to the abbreviation w/r/t or “with regard to”, is focusing on creating products that are in relation to an individual. Each collection is based on a certain theme that was proposed by- and designed in collaboration with creatives from around. [ Continue reading ]

Reasonable Blood

By Adrià Cañameras

Last januari we traveled to Barcelona to do a project with the super talented photographer Adrià Cañameras for L’Ascolana, a new-old sneaker brand we are working on at …,staat. While this project is not completely finished to share with the rest of the world, Adrià published a new project he worked on over the past months called Reasonable Blood. [ Continue reading ]

AEANCE Collection 3

In Collaboration with Konstantin Grcic

Back in 2015 we covered the launch of AEANCE with their first collection here on Another Something. Earlier this year they released their third collection underlining their brave move away from the fashion cycles of multiple collections a year, and building on a non-seasonal basis in collaboration with well known designers. Starting with Hien Le on collection one and Steven Tai on collection two, it was now time to collaborate with the acclaimed industrial designer Konstantin Grcic on collection three. It marks an evolution from the brand’s signature performance apparel, into technical yet tailored ready-to-wear. The luxurious silhouettes in the 9-piece collection reflect AEANCE and Grcic’s understated, timeless and functional approach to design. Collection 3 will be available this May/June. [ Continue reading ]

Huck Magazine

Curated by Flying Lotus

As we’re slowly putting renewed energy back into Another Something, trying to reframe what ‘blogging’ and ‘curating’ means in 2019, it feels just right to start off with things that are close to our heart. Huck Magazine is definitely one of them. For their latest issue  they asked Flying Lotus as guest curator.  [ Continue reading ]

OUTLIER x Hirad Sab

Industrial Ruinism

OUTLIER always inspired and amazed us with not only their garments, but especially with their authentic and real choice of artists and photographers to collaborate with. Their latest addition to that is no difference. They teamed up with 3D digital artist, Hirad Sab, for a bold reimagining of the e-commerce experience.
Together, with Hirad, they’ve built an immersive and innovative new product page for the company’s Slim Dungarees. [ Continue reading ]

Alain Urrutia

‘a fragmented and reconstructed alternative reality’

'MIRROR RIM' by Alain Urrutia is a series of eleven paintings made to flip around, like a mirror, reflecting a fragmented and reconstructed alternative reality. Where he previously made super large paintings, these realistic small format black and white images, reframed and alienated from their historical value, are made to question our interpretations. The MIRROR RIM project was born from the idea of making two exhibitions in two different places that would change when moving from one space to the second one . The works from MIRROR RIM are composed symmetrically on their horizontal axis. The mirrored images we get in this way can be flipped 180 degrees. This is what happens when the exhibition is moved from one gallery to the second one. The paintings have been rotated so this second exhibition at Appleton Square in Lisbon, would work as the reflection of the first exhibition at the DIDAC Foundation in Santiago de Compostela. Hence the title of the exhibition, MIRROR RIM, a palindrome that refers to the edge of the mirror. [ Continue reading ]