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The History of the Colette Gallery

Two days ago the first collaborative effort between Christian M. Andersen's Creative Future and the iconic Parisian concept store colette was launched for pre-order. Compiled as a close collaboration between de two parties involved, the elegant book which was created examines not only colette’s affiliation with art and design, but also the artistic processes, approaches and ideas of the many artists that have worked and exhibited with colette since 1997. The project took more than one-and-a-half years to develop and features a long list of notable artists including KAWS, André Saraiva, José Parlá, Kevin Lyons, Erik Parker, Curtis Kulig, Michael Dupouy, Pedro Winter and Julia Chiang. In addition, the cover artwork of the book is created by the Brooklyn-based artists, KAWS. [ Continue reading ]


Another release that took place while Joachim and I were away on holiday last month (but we need to share as it's so good) came from one of our favorite magazines on the market. The Los Angeles-based FRANCHISE Magazine, that was incepted in April of 2016 to bring a new elan into the world of basketball publications, celebrated already the third edition and it proved to be another incredible addition to the catalogue of the magazine that, without a doubt, is among the most playful and creative printed publications writing about sport.

The third issue features a front and back cover shot by the very talented New York-based photographer Pete Deevakul. Deevakul shot basketballs from the Japanese-based basketball manufacturer Tachikara Japan with a unique twist on ikebana. Inside it holds stories like the day in the life of the New York KNICKS City Dancers shot by Daniel Arnold and one of our favorites; Australian artist Mark Whalen bringing his neon-infused style in a watercolor series. In the magazine one also finds a profile on the Barcelona-based duo LLobet & Pons’ art installation series 'No One Wins', in which New Orleans native Ashley Teamer uses a variety of mediums for her art including collages featuring WNBA imagery. One also finds the work of Isa Saalabi: a Los Angeles-based photographer who documents emerging high school talent of which a selection from the Tarkanian Classic is showcased. And finally Photographer Gary Land’s work is highlighted showing his legendary images of Allen Iverson and Streetball, amongst a list of other inspirational stories.

In our eyes this is the third W in a row by Justin Montag, Chris Dea and Brock Batten, make sure to pick it up one way or another! [ Continue reading ]

Brice Partouche

Talking (sub)culture with April77 and Satisfy founder Brice Partouche

Bringing Cult into Running Culture
In 2001 Brice Partouche became a prominent name (without ever stepping into the limelight) in the so-called ‘rock era’ in fashion when he founded Paris-based jeans brand April77, which played a pinnacle role in bringing the slim silhouette in menswear from the stages of pop venues and runways to the streets of the mainstream. Last Summer, Brice presented a new project named Satisfy, this time infusing a new cultural elan into the perfect, performance orientated, world of running gear. Inspired by Partouche's new exciting endeavor, with the second collection in stores at this moment, we gave Brice a skypecall —fresh out of the shower after his evening run— to ask him about his love for running, the differences between starting a brand now and 15 years ago and what his plans are with his subversive new movement in athletic gear. [ Continue reading ]

The Fashion Pages

Michael De Feo at The Garage Amsterdam

After we wrote about the inspirational 'Ceasefire' show by Pryce Lee at The Garage last Summer, the new upcoming show by the ambitious gallery is another reason to visit the beautiful 17th century carriage house in the canals of Amsterdam. With the show named 'The Fashion Pages' The Garage will present the international premiere of the latest body of work by the renown New York City-based artist Michael De Feo. The new series were created atop fashion editorials and advertisements and stems from De Feo’s recent takeover of the ad spaces of New York City bus stop shelters, with many of the photographers, models and brands involved applauding his unlawful 'collaborations'. Through his floral interventions De Feo transforms these images and the models within, blurring the line between unsanctioned and authorized works, which are both as aesthetic as subversive, forming a beautiful constructive statement in the overload of content one encounters these days. When in Amsterdam, make sure to not miss this when it opens on the 8th of April! [ Continue reading ]


Many modern skincare brands label themselves natural, but if you look closely at their ingredients almost none of them actually live up to the claim, mainly to guarantee a long shelf life. Motivated by how empty the signifier 'natural' has become in modern cosmetics, the newly launched Danish cosmetics brand NUORI has made it its mission to actually deliver what it claims. The brand only uses ingredients of natural origin and when they add actives to their formulations, only naturally occurring compounds such as vitamins and amino acids are chosen - resulting in a maximum shelf life of 12 weeks after which one has to start using new products. With its bold approach - which we love - of only using natural ingredients, the NUORI products are fresher than any other and form a unique addition to the market, available in Amsterdam at 290 Square Meters and in Paris at colette amongst others. [ Continue reading ]

Reading 78 by Gil Rigoulet

Last week, on the 22nd of July, a great exhibition opened in the Parisian bar Ground Control, curated by the interesting young Mayday Mayday Mayday art/street culture platform. In the show named 'Reading 78', the still quite unknown but greatly talented French photographer Gil Rigoulet transports the spectator into the universe of the uncompromising British punk movement during the late Seventies. One year after the release of the now legendary and paradigm shifting 'Nevermind the Bollocks' record by the Sex Pistols, the English youth was having great fun, dancing like never before to the rhythms of the ever-hardening furious riffs. Taking place in the city of Reading, during its legendary rock festival: in the series a lawless zone is revealed in all its glory, portrayed in grainy black and white photographs - showing that in 1978 everything seemed to still be possible. [ Continue reading ]

Disney x Wood Wood

Although there are very little unlikely combinations of brands left in this postmodern collaboration-, and brand-crazy period we live in; this capsule collection featuring the most famous of all Walt Disney's creatures, in forms one hardly sees it, created by Danish label Wood Wood, thoroughly fascinates us. Seeing the original black and white Mickey Mouse in these surrealistic forms, as if he's depicted while visiting a house of mirrors, gives a whole new image to Disney's price mouse, almost like it reveals the craziness that lays behind his everyday, ever-friendly persona we usually see him in. The capsule collection will be launched next Monday, the 20th of October, in Parisian Colette, after which a select group of retailers worldwide will bring you this sharp contemporary streetwear collection boasting the twisted Mickeys two week later. [ Continue reading ]


Everything. is the latest product of the Dutch artists Lernert & Sander, continuing their string of interesting projects. By combining all fragrances launched in 2012, the duo has created a new perfume which they named fittingly Everything. Over the course of last year Lernert & Sander collected a mindbending amount of almost 1400 samples of newly launched fragrances which eventually were combined. [ Continue reading ]


A new photo fair in Amsterdam named Unseen will have it's grande opening for selected guests next wednesday the 19th of September 2012. The following day the fair will be open for public as well. The ambitious project, a joint operation of FOAM, Platform A and Vandejong and directed by Marloes Krijnen, who is also the director of FOAM, has the vision of revolutionizing the photo fair. Unseen intends to give new photography a platform it deserves, the fair ideally aspires to be: "a meeting place for young photographic talent, for known photographers with new works to show, for galleries that focus on new developments, and for an audience interested in discovering unknown and groundbreaking work." In this world of new talent there is also a place for new buyers and collectors. The fair has it's focus on this group as well: "we enable potential collectors to take the first step to buying work. With a special programme, we guide ‘first-time buyers’ in the world of photography and coach them in collecting." [ Continue reading ]


Sometimes you stumble upon something extraordinary, new, fresh and completely beyond anything expected. Coloni is one of these things. Coloni is a swedish based gardening house founded in 2010. In collaboration with a horticulturist, Coloni has developed an approach to a new kind of indoor gardening based on seed mixtures composed from a conceptual point of view. The mixtures consist of seeds from desert and arid Mediterranean climates and include both annual and perennial species. [ Continue reading ]

Dasha for Illesteva

Illesteva teamed up with Dasha Zhukova on two models of tortoise-shell sunglasses, both hand-made in Italy. Only 100 pairs are made of each model and a part of the sales will be donated to Restoring Vision, which provides glasses to people in need all over the… [ Continue reading ]

Forget me Not

We very much like these hand finished silk and modal & cashmere large printed scarves designed by the French illustrator Coco for the Forget me Not autumn/winter collection. Truly amazing illustrations! The collection is available online and in stores including Barney’s, Harrods, Colette, tomorrowland, estnation,… [ Continue reading ]

Moments Within a Moment

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‘Moments Within a Moment’ is a limited edition box set designed by Buero New York in collaboration with photographer Jim Krantz to accompany his exhibition at Colette running through Saturday January 30th. (Thank you Edson)… [ Continue reading ]


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We arrived in Paris very early in the morning. Today was all about sourcing inspiration and shopping. Tomorrow will be visiting fairs and shows the entire day. We managed to stuff all the must-sees in ten (short) hours and we will share the favorites of the… [ Continue reading ]


Every single moment we're browsing the internet we find these beautiful things, heavy weight boots, a lovely pair of vintage denim, a book that caught our eyes, a typography on that particular poster, a combination of colours in a picture, name it… The past months we've shared it here, in Bright magazine in the form of a bag review (and the shoe review in the upcoming issue) and in Blend Magazine under the name Treasures.
Now we're going a bit further by selecting our treasures on a daily base and try to put together a bi-weekly treasures column online. To start with No 1. A selection of beautiful finds. Enjoy after the click. [ Continue reading ]

Made of Japan

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Onitsuka Tiger is celebrating its 60th anniversary with the publication Made of Japan by the editors of Zoo Magazine. Made of Japan features more than 30 iconic personalities, including Chiharu Shiota, Naomi Yotsumoto, Yusuke Iseya, Hirofumi Kurino, Thomas Demand, and former star athletes Dave Cowens and… [ Continue reading ]