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Cleartones Pure

Say hello to the completely updated website and a new set of Cleartones by our good friend Hugo Verweij - with a newly illustrated world by yours truly Another Company.
The new set, the Cleartones Pure, is based on the 'sine wave'. The sine wave is the only sound in the world which can be called a pure tone. In fact it is the only sound consisting of a single frequency, without overtones.  This seems a good starting point for a set of minimalist ringtones, but a single sine wave by itself doesn't sound very compelling. Hugo carefully sculpted it using techniques like frequency modulation and subtle effects can definitely bring it to life. [ Continue reading ]

Cleartones Organic

Last year I was fortunate enough to play a little role in the birth of Cleartones - the elegant, hand made minimalist ringtones and notification tones - by my good friend Hugo Verweij. Today he released the next level: 'Cleartones Organic'. A set of wonderful ringtones and notifications, all recorded on acoustic instruments like metal bells, glass bowls, marimba and vibraphone. I can't say the first set of 'Classic Cleartones' aren't good, but these are just so much better! [ Continue reading ]

Qompendium x Cleartones

I love it when two geniuses meet and collaborate! Both good friends, Hugo Verweij and Kimberly Lloyd, collaborated to create a special Qompendium x Cleartones ringtones pack. One is the letter “Q” in melodic Morse code. The other consists of a clear sound to grab the… [ Continue reading ]


I like my things simple, balanced and elegant. That’s why I hate most ringtones around me. They are far from that and in most cases the opposite of elegant.
Last year I challenged my good friend and sound designer Hugo Verweij with this and we came up with Cleartones, a set of fifty minimalist ringtones optimized for the iPhone. These simple, clean, monophonic ringtones are designed with a sole purpose: subtle notification. [ Continue reading ]

2013 — 2014

2013 was an amazing year! A year with great heights, far travels, and inspiring connections. Trips to Tokyo, New York, Basel and more. Always dipping into the unknown, meeting inspiring people and discovering great stories. Business-wise it was a preparatory year. We’ve worked on the new Dutch stamps which will be launched on the second of January 2014. We’re working on our own watch brand. We’re working on a new bicycle brand, a travel concept, a new shop experience and much, much more that will see daylight in 2014. We’ve strengthened our team with Chris, our premium researcher and chief editor of the blog, and we’ve worked together with the so many amazing people. We hardly can’t wait for the new year and really looking forward to keep it all going. Thank you all for the support and have a great start of the new year!

Our favourites of 2013 > [ Continue reading ]


Good news! After a super successful launch of the first edition of Cleartones, Hugo made a set of 50 Cleartones Notifications to get rid of the standard and annoying notification sounds on your phone. Since iOS 5 came out iPhone users now finally can set custom tones for… [ Continue reading ]