Jaar & Woodfin

I always like to combine things from different worlds. It creates some kind of strange energy, weird connections and unique insights, just as John Jay said about the ‘unusual cultures where you don’t belong’… Here’s one of these things that don’t belong together, but I’d love to see them together!
I completely missed this release last year, but Nicolas Jaar made a new EP ‘Don’t Break My Love’. It is available for free download from Clown & Sunset, Nicolas Jaar’s label and I would say it’s the perfect soundtrack enjoy these amazing oil paintings by Montréal based artist Brad Woodfin from his Northern Lights series. If you are in New York between march the 7th and 11th, Woodfin will show new work at Sloan Fine Art. Can’t wait to see more from him, and can’t wait to hear more from Nicolas Jaar…