Denim History


I guess all of us denim admirers are in desperate need of some proper jeans literature after books like Denim design, The Denim bible by Sportswear United, and Denim: From Cowboys to Catwalks. Recently the limited title ‘Denim Legends’ did all of our hearts stop for a second, but the price makes it a book that one has to save some money for every month. Luckily there are people like the Selvedge Yard that share their passionate words online. Last October JP published his view on the revelation of denim. After reading the following personal opinion we knew that our philosophy on the greatness of jeans has a lot of similarities with his:

“It may sound strange, but denim represents all that I consider to be good and of value in the world. It’s pure, honest, unpretentious, reliable, hard-working, American tradition that gets better with age.”

JP shares his first Levi’s experience in the article and then takes icons from the past to share some unique denim anecdotes. On the picture you see Bing Crosby, one of the main characters of the article as published on SY. Read the full story here.