Last week Menno and I went to Berlin, to the Bread & Butter and Premium. After one day BB we can say it is all quite the same. Sure, every brand got its own details, but 95% of the show is about the great classic revival and it didn’t inspired me. What was inspiring was the tiny place with Nigel Cabourn, Filson and Red Wing Shoes, and off course the unforgettable Moma boat shoes (displayed above). Later that day we went to Premium, to our friends at Denim Demon, Whyzeck and newcomer Libertine-Libertine. And I must say, Denim Demon is going to rock hard! The result of the Project Ware Outs is breath taking and the new sping/summer ’10 collections of Whyszeck and Denim Demon are fantastic! Later this month we’ll have an exhibition with the wear out project at Tenue de Nîmes and the Modefabriek… Stay tuned for that one.

The second day in Berlin we visited 14oz, do you read me?!, Acne, Andreas Murkudis, 51 Things to buy at little nippn world, APC, ending our trip at Burg & Schild. Berlin is rocking!

Check the Tenue de Nîmes website for more images >