I posted the duffel some days ago, but that was only the appetizer… Yesterday they released the h(y)r collective magazine issue 12 with a fabulous collaboration with Gitman Bros. on a beautiful shirt and they will open their own shop this months as well…
I asked Ryan about these collaborations and they came back to me with some fresh answers.

“The idea in short, behind THE collection by (y) is just to put together the perfect item. Since I’m not a designer really (for clothing), I wanted to work with people who are already making a really great product and make my own tweaks and changes to it for how I would ideally like it to be.

So each season, although we’re trying not to tie it to seasons too much, we are releasing a small capsule of 2-5 items in collaboration with other designers we admire, whether they are an old craft/heritage brand, or a new designer. The focus is always on quality and we are trying to always have things produced by hand, and where their oirigins are.

For fall, we have a red brick sole dirty buck with Mark McNairy, ties with Alexander Olch and a fishermans cardigan with Inverallan.”