Teshima Art Museum

Last month, Iwan visited Japan to photograph the Teshima Art Museum by Ruye Nishizawa and Rei Naito. An absolutely wonderful, strange and fascinating building, popping up on one of the 3000 islands of Japan.

Just published by Domus, they tell a little more about it: “…The Teshima Art Museum is almost completely empty, devoid of contents. Its interior is fluid, a concrete membrane carpeting the ground and wrapping up from shadowy edges to span as a low unobstructed dome overhead. Neither columns nor beams interrupt the organic singularity of the total volume. Similarly there is none of the clutter normally associated with museums…
…Nishizawa’s building evokes a faith in the ability of architecture to make the world seem somewhat strange yet simultaneously a little bit better.”
(Domus 942, December 2010, text by Raymund Ryan)

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